Samba TV

Freelance UX, Interaction & Visual Designer
2012 - 2013



Samba TV is an interactive TV application platform for both 1st (TV) and 2nd screen (phone & tablet) devices. I worked with the head of product and engineering team as a freelancer to develop the first working prototype that was showcased at CES 2013. My focus was on UX, interaction and visual design of the product on TV, tablet and phone devices.


I worked closely with head of product development to develop interaction frameworks for both 1st and 2nd screen devices. 

Example TV Interaction Flow >

Final Designs

After numerous iterations of the visual designs we landed on what the engineering team implemented for the working prototype for CES 2013. 

I also developed a series of icons for the 1st screen experience.


Flingo had a very successful launch of the Samba TV platform at CES 2103. They were able to secure several manufacturing partnerships to have the Samba TV platform integrated on their Smart TV products. I was very fortunate to work on this product and learned a great deal around developing products on the TV platform. My freelance contract would end after CES and the team would focus on implementing the actual Samba product with the manufacturers, I would join Microsoft on a full time basis a few months later.