Sr. Interactive Web & Print Designer
2006 - 2012



L.L.Bean is a large retail clothing and outdoor equipment company located in the Northeast. Recognizing that its core demographic was getting older and that there were significant challenges in generating interest in their products from younger generations, L.L.Bean set out to create a sub-brand called L.L.Bean Signature that would allow it to compete directly with companies like Abercrombie & Fitch, BR, Madewell and J. Crew.

My team was responsible for designing and managing the Signature website, email campaigns, print catalogs and mobile app. We worked closely with creative, merchandising and marketing departments to ensure the product focus and marketing campaigns had the greatest impact from our digital and print channels. We also worked closely with the senior art directors of photography to ensure that we planned accordingly for the proper execution and uses of  all photography assets.

During the first few years I worked in L.L.Bean's core business as both Lead Designer for the outerwear and women's catalogs as well as its homepage and email campaign efforts in the web design group.

When the L.L.Bean Signature sub-brand began to take shape I was asked by the Sr. VP of the Creative department to spearhead both print and web design efforts. As a hands on Lead Designer, I took on the responsibility of managing a small team of designers.