Sr. Lead UX, Interaction & Visual Designer
2014 - 2015


Project Scope

My first project at Microsoft was to lead the design work for the Data Steward Portal product for Office 365, which targeted Data Analysts and Data Stewards who needed a better way to manage and understand their data assets.

Data Steward Portal for Office 365

Our product group decided to pivot by expanding the Data Steward Portal product focus and scenarios to produce a new product - Azure Data Catalog. I transitioned my efforts as the Lead Designer for this new product focus.

During several customer research sessions for the Data Steward Portal we discovered that a huge pain point for our target persona as well as Data Scientists and Data Engineers was that they also needed an easy way to register, discover, understand, and consume data sources within their organizations.


I worked very closely with Design Research, Project Management and Engineering teams to produce numerous interactive wire-frames, prototypes and visual designs on an iterative basis that would shape the product through Private & Public Preview to General Availability.

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Azure Data Catalog Wireframe


The Azure Data Catalog product shipped as a full service offering in the Azure Portal and is being being used by a wide range of enterprise customers. The core technology is now being integrated into a future product focus and I am leading its design team.

Microsoft Azure Data Catalog - Final Product Page Design

Microsoft Azure Data Catalog - Final Product Design

Azure Data Catalog product walkthrough